The Strategic System Course

What are your company's strategic missteps costing you?

If you haven’t optimized a Strategic System, then chances are... 

Your business is missing achieving its core objectives!

Throughout the course, I’ll teach you the focus points of strategic clarity of an optimized Strategic System that you need to know in order to: 


Make, Create, and Refine your Audacious Goals and 3HAGs

Create a Market Map for your company

Fully identify and define your core customers

Develop a Lasting, Meaningful, and Effective Brand Promise Gurantee

Hi, I’m Howard M. Shore.

I’m a serial entrepreneur, business coach, and 2-time best-selling author of the books, “The Leadership Launchpad” and “Your Business Is A Leaky Bucket.”

Over the past 30 years, I’ve …

  • Helped create over $1 Billion in business value.
  • Founded, owned, and led 9 businesses.
  • Lead and coached Fortune 500 companies.
  • Influenced thousands of leaders in public and private companies, ranging from startups to $1 billion in revenue on how to run their business better.

Take a look at the following questions to figure out if this webinar course can benefit your business….

Are my competitors doing much better in the same market as me?

Am I having difficulties in finding some clarity when it comes to thinking about expanding new business ventures?

Do I struggle with defining who my core customer is?

If you answered "yes" to any of those questions, then mastering the points of strategic clarity of the Strategic System is guaranteed to:

  • Help you create a roadmap for future development
  • Increase operational efficiency and strategic advantage
  • Clearly define your niche within the wider business landscape

This course contains 7 standalone modules bundled together to form the Strategic System Course:

1) Audacious Goal
2) Gut out 3HAG
3) Market Map
4) Core Customer
5) Attribution Framework
6) Activity Fit Map
7) Brand Promise Guarantee

This will be an overview of some points you will hear in the course, as the course dives deep into each focus point of strategic clarity.

Audacious Goal

What is your Mount Everest, your 10-20 year goal that seems a bit crazy, but can be conquered?

Does it challenge you to greatness?

It is a big stretch, audacious but doable. 

It will force you to make changes and not be complacent.

It reinforces business fundamentals, causes you to address chokepoints now, and will take at least 10 years to achieve.

Gut Out 3HAG

Practical Actionable Framework which systemizes and breaks down the content into actionable pieces.

What are you known for?

Identify the capabilities you will build in order to have a differentiated business model.

Market Map

The Market Map helps you look at how everything flows in your market. 

What are the ways that transactions work and happen, not just within your company? Focus Externally to Create Confidence. 

Figure out who is fighting in the same market. 

Identify all the players in your arena, what your relationship is to those players and what their relationship is with each other.

Core Customer

Segmentation is a critical component of strategy.

Selling to different segments, using different channels, takes time, and time is finite. By not focusing, businesses harm their growth instead of improving it.

Is your WHO clear?

You must clearly identify the customer who purchases your products.

Attribution Framework

To develop your differentiated strategy we have to identify the market attributes that your company must choose from. 

What are the ones the existing competition is selecting from? 

What causes customer to buy or not buy from you and your competition? 

What causes them to choose one competitor over another? 

What are the factors that bring different buyers into the market and decisions that break up the segments and the market?

Activity Fit Map

Choose and isolate your Differentiators.

How can we ignore 93% of customers… to give the 7% who are our Core Customers…exactly what they need?

It is vital that when you develop your business strategy to determine what you are not going to do.

Brand Promise Guarantee

A brand promise guarantee enables you to get control over your organization with clear goals and an information network that gives you the data your need to improve performance.

Customers should not need a lawyer to explain “ifs, ands, and buts.” 

If you cannot guarantee all the elements, then you should not guarantee the parts you cannot control.

Institute the advice I’ve outlined, and I guarantee you’ll see:

  • A solid plan for future development
  • Real and highly achievable goals for your company being met and exceeded
  • Defined plans for optimization

Within the next 6 months.

BUT - if you’re looking to tangibly improve your cash system on an expedited timeline with some extra expert guidance at your disposal… 

Then think about whether my 

FULL Strategic System Course 

would be a good fit for your organization.

I have helped thousands of companies and have 30+ years experience... 

I’ve seen (and tackled) every type of strategic system roadblock imaginable. 

That’s why I’ve created a holistic, in-depth course specifically geared toward businesses that want to:

  • Make, Create and Refine your Audacious Goals and 3HAGs
  • Create a Market Map for your company
  • Fully identify and define your core customers
  • Develop a Lasting, Meaningful, and Effective Brand Promise Guarantee

Here’s some of what you can expect from my course:

Free templates and worksheets to distribute to your teams

Market Map and Activity Fit Map Worksheets are just a few of the templates you can expect to have at your disposal!

Assessment Data and Recommendations

Get tried and tested recommendations on how to build strategize your 3HAG and clearly define your core customer.

Case study examples

Hear about business strategy plans that have failed to adapt to change as well as those that overcame adversity to uniquely define their place within the market.


My course has helped so many businesses reach their full potential. Here’s what some of them have to say about what they learned...

Richard Outram

Howard brings a refreshing engagement style. His approach, cutting-edge technologies, and frameworks help get companies to their next level of growth.

Josh Hobbs

Howard is very high-energy and passionate about what he does. One of the things I like about Howard’s message is that it was simple and hit you right in the gut with a lot of energy. He kept me on the edge of my seat.

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