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The Leader Launchpad

by Howard M. Shore

“Howard has distilled his vast experience, identified the key levers for acceleration, and conveyed them through real-life stories that are interesting and illuminating.”
Brad Smart, author; president and CEO, Topgrading™️ Inc.

Sooner or later, every business owner finds themselves working too much “in” the business rather than “on” the business. Despite working harder than ever, they know their organization could be growing faster and generating greater profits. To stimulate the traction and significant growth that leaders seek, they need strategies to create and sustain a successful business as well as ways to break through the invisible barriers that prevent forward movement.

In The Leader Launchpad, growth expert and master business accelerator Howard M. Shore offers a five-step, clear-cut, actionable plan to help leaders feel in control of their professional destiny. Packed with practical information, The Leader Launchpad includes profit-actualizing and scale-enhancing systems for:
• Identifying mindsets essential to creating great companies
• Recognizing the crucial steps to increase employee engagement
• Developing a strategy that leads to faster growth and higher profitability
• Aligning teams with priorities to significantly impact results
• Ensuring the right people are in the right seats doing the right thing
• Building a culture of accountability

Engaging and compelling, The Leader Launchpad is a must-read for any leadership team looking to create a massively successful and enjoyable business.

What People Are Saying:

I stumbled upon "The Leader Launchpad: Five Steps to Fuel Your Business and Lift Your Profits" By Howard M. Shore, when I was searching for a business leadership book to utilize as an alignment tool with my Executive team. We got so much insight as a leadership team reading this book together and the discussions generated between us was invaluable. We easily identified with the Five Steps as key areas of our business that we knew could improve and that would truly help us accelerate our growth. Howard M. Shore brilliantly and simply gives an outline of actionable steps to help your business be successful. Personally, what I love most about this book, is that it encompasses all facets of what makes a business successful or not. Particularly, engaging employees and ensuring they are doing what they need to be doing, building a culture of accountability and aligning teams. I highly recommend this book, not only for high level executives or owners of the business, but for employees at any level within the business. There are so many "leaders in the making" in a company. Buy this book for employees, invest in them. Challenge them to open their minds and think as a business owner. This is the perfect book at any level. Engaging, positive, motivating and quite simply a game changer for your business and personal growth as a leader.

Stephanie Finch

Howard M. Shore has created a great actionable compendium on developing and maintaining leadership with Leadership Launchpad which is very much essentially how to launch yourself out of your business and into a leadership role. In other words, many people who start a business find themselves working in the business, dealing with issues between employees, making on the ground decisions, and basically getting bogged down in a whole lot of stuff that prevents them from functioning at a higher level...until now. Once you read this book, you'll have a five-part road map to taking yourself out of the picture so your business can go more on auto-pilot and you can be responsible for bigger picture things like growth.

Charles Hanna

As the title of the book suggests, this is a dynamic blueprint of a process that will benefit both your business as well as yourself as a senior manager or a business leader/entrepreneur, if it is correctly applied. Identifying six critical elements in the overall business process, the author examines each of them in exhaustive detail together with comprehensive implementation plans and strategic processes. Using many real-life situations that he has worked with, the author includes a variety of cases that dramatically illustrate the concepts discussed. There are also some excellent quotations from acknowledged historical leaders and CEOs of multinational companies. Some of them being on the humorous side, but also very true. Much of the theory discussed and presented in this book is at a rather advanced level, and more junior managers lacking the relevant qualifications may have to study this book intensely in order to fully understand it. There are, however, a wealth of links and references included. In addition, it is recommended that you download the business tool, provided, in order to analyze and chart the current situation, environmental conditions, and the actual functioning of your company. This book is written with CEOs or senior managers in mind, as it tackles advanced concepts related to the eventual long term development of companies and their strategic planning and positioning. The hiring of a business coach is one of the actions that is highly recommended. Using the concepts in this book, together with a suitable coach, as opposed to a consultant, the author guarantees that this approach will work. There is a multitude of actual companies provided as success stories. Of particular interest is the fact that the author actually identifies certain types of CEOs, with personal leadership styles and characteristics that render them "un-coachable," as they are reluctant to implement proven ideas and this has actually resulted in the overall deterioration of their companies. This is a comprehensively detailed book, consisting of a lot of fairly intensive theory, and is definitely suitable for senior and experienced business leaders and entrepreneurs. However, there is a multitude of resources provided for less qualified readers requiring expert help. Certainly, not about castles in the air, nor any abstruse theoretical concepts that could be difficult to practically implement; this is a comprehensive blueprint that will accelerate your business into regions that it would never otherwise achieve without the benefit of these plans and procedures, so precisely detailed and expertly tabulated by the author. Even simply studying the transformational procedures of the processes within this book will ensure a logically crystalline perspective that will also ensure clarity and resultant confidence that will dramatically illustrate a future path of heightened success, prosperity, and company potential, as a feasible and realistic possibility.

Tim Terry

Author Howard Shore earned his degrees from Florida International University, Harvard Law School, and the University of Chicago, and is a recognized authority, leader, and coach for executives to challenge and direct them toward improved business and leadership performance. He speaks from knowledge, as well as experience as a CEO in many industries and businesses. He is a Certified Gazelles Coach, Certified Executive Coach, Certified Behavioral Analyst, Certified Values Analyst, Certified Attributes Index Analyst, and Certified Public Accountant. His initial book was YOUR BUSINESS IS A LEAKY BUCKET, and now he adds THE LEADER LAUNCHPAD. Shore is a to-the-point writer; his ideas flow freely and the manner in which he recommends changes makes his postulates not only accessible to understand, but also facile to incorporate into use. A sense of his message is presented under the title ‘Being successful in business has not change: ‘While people had been impacted by globalization, technology and other circumstances, how you achieve success in business has not changed. Over time, you will need to discuss changing conditions, and have a robust operating system maneuvering these issues. But I have concluded that while most entrepreneurs pride themselves on their speed in getting things done, I see them running in circles, but they find themselves in the same place and with the same problems as the people running in circles, never achieving acceleration.’ Shore’s goal in this book, to share the facts about his firm, Activate Group, Inc, an din doing so to teach leaders how to accelerate. The book is divided in five parts, each a step toward success potential and achievement: Stewardship, Human Capital Management, Strategy, Planning, and Accountability – each section leads the reader through the author’s concepts in a manner that is readily utilized. As he states about these five plates to master, “each one percent move acts as a multiplier rather than an additive.” This book is helpful guidance for all business leaders no matter the size of the company.

Grady Harp