The Human Capital Management Course


Are you leaving millions of dollars on the table right now?

If you haven’t nailed human capital management (HCM), then chances are... 

Your business is bleeding productivity and valuable profits!


Throughout the course, I’ll teach you the five fundamental HCM components that you need to know in order to: 


Stop wasting time and money hiring the wrong people.

Maximize your employees’ motivation levels and output.

Create a well-oiled organization that puts your competitors on the backfoot.

Significantly increase your profit margins within months.

Hi, I’m Howard M. Shore.

I’m a serial entrepreneur, business coach, and 2-time best-selling author of the books, “The Leadership Launchpad” and “Your Business Is A Leaky Bucket.”

Over the past 30 years, I’ve …

  • Founded and led 9 businesses,
  • Worked with 5 Fortune 500 companies
  • Coached, trained, and mentored thousands of leaders in public and private companies, ranging from $1 million to $1 billion in revenue on how to run their business better.

Take a look at the following questions to figure out if this webinar course can benefit your business….

Are some of your departments plagued by mediocrity, low-productivity, and missed targets?

Do you find it difficult to fill certain positions within your organization, or even find ideal candidates for the job?

Are you looking to cut down on wasted hours, costly inefficiencies, and performance problems in crucial teams?

If you answered "yes" to any of those questions, then mastering the 5 components of HCM are guaranteed to:

  • Increase your business’ productivity levels
  • Reduce turnover and mis-hires
  • Trigger wider profit margins

Let’s tackle the 5 big components:

1) Strategizing HCM
2) Using Position Profiles
3) Recruiting Ideal Candidates
4) Streamlining the Onboarding Process
5) Optimizing Talent Management

This will be an overview of some points you will hear in the course, as the course dives deep into each component.

Strategizing HCM

Human capital is more often referred to as “human resources,” 

But it’s time for a paradigm shift.

To find, hire, and keep the best employees that will produce maximum results (and chisel out increased market share), you need to view labor as an investment.

So instead of viewing your workers as resources to use, view them as assets that need developing, taking care of, and encouraging.

Why is this so important? 

Put simply: attitude informs behavior which informs results 

Start with the attitude shift, and watch employee motivation levels increase, turnover decrease, and productivity levels skyrocket.

Using Position Profiles

Did you know that for every Front-Line Worker mishire,
it costs your business 2x-4x that individual’s base salary?

And it gets worse the higher up the chain of command you go:

For Middle Managers and Vice Presidents it’s 8x and 15x, respectively,

For Executives it’s 27x

The takeaway?

Hire the right people, the first time round.

How do you ensure that?

By introducing more objectivity and clarity into your processes.

Use standardized worksheets to specifically detail:
The mission of each position 

  • Key processes owned
  • Accountabilities
  • Critical success factors 
  • The 5 competencies required

Then base all steps of the hiring process around satisfying these parameters.

Recruiting Ideal Candidates

In my coaching I outline how to do this more in depth,
but just know that it’s essential to use assessments
at the beginning of the hiring process to:

1) Save time and human capital, and
2) Qualify candidates early on.

Screen applicants on a number of criteria, but make sure to place priority on experience, values, and work ethic.

Next: be prepared to spend more up-front time and capital to do this right.

By that I mean be prepared to pay key positions what they are worth.

Keeping in mind that opportunity cost, inefficiencies, and potential lost business are all real potential outcomes of keeping a position open for the sake of 10k or even 20k.

Long story short: short-term savings can be costly.

Streamlining the Onboarding Process

First of all, clarify who owns the onboarding process.

Who will be in charge of the new hire to answer their questions,
act as the company resource, and ease the transition?

Make sure to signal clearly (and early on) exactly who this point of contact is to avoid miscommunications and inefficiencies. 

Next, question and listen to your new hire - especially if they come from a competitor.

Make sure to ask them in an objective, unemotional way their take on certain processes and systems you have in place, and be prepared to institute any valuable feedback.

Sometimes, when we’re too close to something, we can’t see it for what it really is - new hires offer an excellent fresh eye, and their feedback can even give your business a small competitive edge.

Optimizing Talent Management

Check in with your employees, departmentally, at least once a quarter (once a month is optimal).

Create a standardized, easy-to-use worksheet in which they can quickly fill in their feedback. Through this form, you can:

  •  View macro-level issues within your organization before they begin affecting your bottom line 
  • Identify areas for team improvement 
  • Monitor (and assist) certain individuals who may need company assistance to reach their full potential. 

Your employees are one of your most important assets!

By checking in with them periodically, and approaching their performance with a
growth mindset

You can maximize ROI from their work.

Institute the advice I’ve outlined, and I guarantee you’ll see:

  • Increased productivity
  • Lower employee turnover 
  • Widened profit margins

Within the next 6 months.

BUT - if you’re looking to tangibly improve your HCM system on an expedited timeline with some extra expert guidance at your disposal… 

Then think about whether my

FULL Human Capital Management Course 

would be a good fit for your organization. With over 100 clients and 30+ years experience... 

I’ve seen (and tackled) every type of human capital roadblock imaginable. 

That’s why I’ve created a holistic, in-depth course specifically geared toward businesses that want to:

  • Create highly-productive, target-hitting teams
  • Unbridle profit margins stifled by mis-hirings and vacant positions
  • Improve team time-management and decrease internal conflict
  • Skyrocket labor productivity to translate into increased market share and company growth

Here’s some of what you can expect from my course:

Free templates and worksheets to distribute to your teams

Position Profile, Career History, and Hiring Scorecards are just a few of the templates you can expect to have at your disposal!

Assessment Data and Recommendations

Get tried and tested recommendations on what assessment softwares to use to start hiring your ideal candidates!

Case study examples

Hear about nuanced human capital issues and how to troubleshoot deeply-ingrained problems within teams, as well as wider departments.

My course has helped so many businesses reach their full potential. Here’s what some of them have to say about what they learned...

Richard Outram

Howard brings a refreshing engagement style. His approach, cutting-edge technologies, and frameworks help get companies to their next level of growth.

Josh Hobbs

Howard is very high-energy and passionate about what he does. One of the things I like about Howard’s message is that it was simple and hit you right in the gut with a lot of energy. He kept me on the edge of my seat.

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