The Predictable Cash System Course


What are your company's financial strategy problems costing you?


If you haven’t nailed a Predictable Cash System, then chances are... 

Your business is leaking valuable profits!

Throughout the course, I’ll teach you the fundamental components of the Predictable Cash System that you need to know in order to: 


Understand how to make the most out of your financial reporting.

Optimize your leadership strategy to maximize your potential financial growth.

Build the system you need to facilitate and manage your business growth.

Significantly increase your profit margins within months.

Hi, I’m Howard M. Shore.

I’m a serial entrepreneur, business coach, and 2-time best-selling author of the books, “The Leadership Launchpad” and “Your Business Is A Leaky Bucket.”

Over the past 30 years, I’ve …

  • Helped create over $1 Billion in business value.
  • Founded, owned, and led 9 businesses.
  • Lead and coached Fortune 500 companies.
  • Influenced thousands of leaders in public and private companies, ranging from startups to $1 billion in revenue on how to run their business better.

Take a look at the following questions to figure out if this webinar course can benefit your business….

Are you having difficulty getting a higher return on day-to-day activities with the way you are currently operating?

Do you want to increase your cash flow without hiring additional employees?

Is your profit margin falling, but your business is growing by leaps and bounds, and you can't find where the issue is?

If you answered "yes" to any of those questions, then mastering the fundamental components of the Predictable Cash System is guaranteed to:

  • Maximize your labor efficiency ratio
  • Increase operational efficiency and strategic advantage
  • Create a long-term forecast to help your company develop their business plan

This course contains 5 standalone modules bundled together to form the Predictable Cash System Course:

1) Understanding Your Cash Flow
2) Changing Your Cash Flow
3) The Key Function Flow Map
4) Labor Efficiency Ratio
5) Forecasting Business Growth

This will be an overview of some points you will hear in the course, as the course dives deep into each component.

Understanding Your Cash Flow

Your cash flow tells a story and we must study it to fully understand the story it tells.

How can you improve how you look at your income statement?

The problem is that the issues we want you to recognize and address are things that do not show up in the financial statements. 

Why is this so important? 

What you need to realize is cash is the result of how everyone performs in your business.

We want you to think about where you can make the most significant moves and why. 

Change Your Cash Flow Story

Cash is KING.

Cash is necessary to take advantage of opportunities.

What are your company’s financial strategy problems costing you?

Keep it simple. Don’t think about financial statement line items; think people, process, innovation. 

Leading companies must play to win and have the disposition to grow…or they will be left behind.

Use standardized worksheets to specifically detail:

  • Business Acceleration Calculator
  • Prioritization
  • Critical success factors 
  • Create a vivid vision of what your company looks like in three years.

Then base all steps of your revenue tracking fortress spreadsheet around satisfying these parameters.

Key Function Flow Map

Too many leaders are not paying attention to all of their key functions that drive their business model.  There is a tendency only to focus on 1 or 2 of the main processes.

The Key Function Flow Map can be used to measure operational effectiveness and strategic advantage.

Growing cash is more important than growing revenue. We want to challenge you to grow both at the same rate.

The areas you must focus in must be a case study of your particular business and industry.

For instance, the production time for a construction company may be different from a wholesale retailer and that can impact where you need to focus to optimize growth.

Labor Efficiency Ratio

Indicates when decisions need to be made in order for the business to become or remain profitable. 

It helps quantify how many dollars in gross profit is returned to you for every dollar you spend on labor.

Given that labor is the most important asset in your company, and (in most cases) the largest investment it is important that you understand it from as many vantage points as possible.

You need to know how to calculate each of the three general categories of labor efficiency ratios.

  • Direct Labor
  • Sales Labor
  • Management Labor

The more of these habits you implement, the higher your labor efficiency will be.


A long-term forecast might help a company's management team develop its business plan.

Budgeting is the financial direction of where management wants to take the company.

Financial forecasting is updated continuously and is used to understand what leaders need to consider to get back on track.

Budgeting creates a baseline to compare actual results to determine how the results vary from the expected performance. 

Forecasting helps us stay on track.

Institute the advice I’ve outlined, and I guarantee you’ll see:

  • A solid plan for future growth
  • Better budgeting within the company
  • Widened profit margins

Within the next 6 months.

BUT - if you’re looking to tangibly improve your cash system on an expedited timeline with some extra expert guidance at your disposal… 

Then think about whether my 

FULL Predictable Cash System Course 

would be a good fit for your organization.

I have helped thousands of companies and have 30+ years experience... 

I’ve seen (and tackled) every type of cash system roadblock imaginable. 

That’s why I’ve created a holistic, in-depth course specifically geared toward businesses that want to:

  • Understand your cash flow story
  • Increase operational efficiency and strategic advantage
  • Maximize your labor efficiency ratio
  • Create a long-term forecast to help your company's management team develop its business plan

Here’s some of what you can expect from my course:

Free templates and worksheets to distribute to your teams

Business Acceleration Calculators and Prioritization Matrix Worksheets are just a few of the templates you can expect to have at your disposal!

Assessment Data and Recommendations

Get tried and tested recommendations on how to build the fortress balance sheet that allows you to never have to miss or shortchange a great opportunity again!

Case study examples

Hear about cash flow systems and how to troubleshoot deeply-ingrained problems in assessing profits and revenue within your company.


My course has helped so many businesses reach their full potential. Here’s what some of them have to say about what they learned...

Richard Outram

Howard brings a refreshing engagement style. His approach, cutting-edge technologies, and frameworks help get companies to their next level of growth.

Josh Hobbs

Howard is very high-energy and passionate about what he does. One of the things I like about Howard’s message is that it was simple and hit you right in the gut with a lot of energy. He kept me on the edge of my seat.

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